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matching industry
with carbon finance


ecotawa links industry and energy projects with carbon finance. We have experience in:

  • The CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) of the Kyoto Protocol

  • The Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) market

  • Domestic or regional emission markets

Our business proposal is to match your project with carbon finance. This includes the following services:

  • Rapid appraisal of the CDM / VER potential of your project including CDM / VER viability, size in terms of CO2 reductions and potential financial benefits of carbon finance. This service is offered free of charge to our clients

  • Development of a new CDM methodology (if required) for your project

  • Full-scale project development of the CDM / VER component of your project including formulation of the Project Design Document (PDD), assistance in the validation and registration process, training of the staff, realisation of specific studies required as well as monitoring of CO2 reductions

  • Consulting services in closing emission reduction purchase agreements with potential buyers. As independent consulting firm we can advise you neutrally on the contract which matches best your needs

For waste heat projects we also offer full-scale engineering services through our partner firm POWEX.

We offer services charging a fixed consulting fee or we offer contracts based on a success fee participating in the carbon offsets realised by the project. We can offer you contracts where ecotawa covers all upfront costs - you have no expenses and no risk at all until the first income from the sale of CO2 offsets arrives at your company.


ecotawa is a Switzerland based company with a representative office in Viet Nam and
partner offices in Bolivia, Brasil, China, Colombia, India and Mexico